14 January 2012

To the land of Saint Francis


Me here. I'm heading to San Francisco.

The short of it is that I am involved with an Entrepreneurship program and through that I got some funding to visit this mecca of start-ups and moderate weather.

I am really excited about the entire this because people have been telling me to visit it (and that I will love it) for years and now I can finally test that theory.

I am also a bit worried though, because I am supposed to meeting with a bunch of different people involved with start-ups and I haven't heard back from anyone yet. Also I don't have a place to stay for the time I am there. Or really any back up plan if my meetings fall through. Also I leave tomorrow.

But hey, you only live one, right—what's the worst that can happen?

11 January 2012

RE: previous posts and the future

So thinking back to my new years resolution to "blog more" and my feeble attempts at documenting my daily life, I think a change is needed.

Basically my problem is that I don't think that just because you can generate content, you should, or alternatively, if you are going to put something out there, at the very least it should be engaging, if not innovative or nuanced in some way.

As much as I enjoyed writing my snippets of my life, I don't think it is terribly interesting to anyone besides me (and even that hasn't been terribly captivating, as you may have noticed I stopped doing it a few days ago). So with that said, I am temporarily suspended blogging until I can come up with a better way to go about doing it—I might resume tomorrow or maybe a month from now, but I will come back.

In the mean time, if you are interested in beer, I have actually been writing worthwhile things here so check it out.

Also, my 360 project is still going on, I just haven't gotten around to posting the images yet, but they will be showing up here in the next day or two.


08 January 2012

January 8

Not much happened today

-blogged a lot

-pillow fort of epic (and I mean epic) proportions

-watched the new Sherlock episode "The Hounds of the Baskerville"

I did, however, catch up on some beer bloggin' so check it out.